Compatibility matrix

Error Prone Support releases are generally compatible with only a limited number of Error Prone releases. The table below shows, for each Error Prone Support release, the Error Prone versions it is expected to be compatible with. Compatibility is determined by:

  1. Compiling and testing the Error Prone Support release source code against a given Error Prone version. This validates source and behavioral compatibility.1 2
  2. Applying the released Refaster rules using a given Error Prone version. This validates that the rules can be read by the targeted version of Error Prone, proving that the serialization format is compatible.
  1. Note that this does not prove that the Error Prone Support and Error Prone versions are binary compatible. This limitation does not appear to be an issue in practice. 

  2. The approach taken here may yield false negatives, because a reported incompatibility may merely be due to a test API incompatibility. 

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